Version naming

Pigalle uses the following version naming scheme: x.y-kn

  • x.y - Version number. We start with 0.1, and we will increment this number until 1.0. These numbers aren't decimals, that is, after 0.9 it follows 0.10, 0.11 ...
  • k - This string indicates the version state:
    • alpha: The version is alpha. The code can be rewritten in future versions, and may not be compatible.
    • beta: The version is beta. Bugs are fixed and there are new functions. We'll make an effort in making these versions compatible.
    • RC: This is a 'release candidate'. Only bugs are fixed. All RC versions will be compatible. After this versions set, we will release the final version.
  • n - Indicates the minor version number (alpha1, beta1, RC3...).

Development Roadmap

There is no real development roadmap available yet as Pigalle is still in its early development. For future releases there are going to be milestones set as short timelines, with a few key features. We will be doing plenty of bug fixing and other work during the development towards a milestone, but "meeting a milestone" requires the specified features to have been implemented.


  • ...


  • Pigalle 0.76-alpha (Sat, 08 Dec 2007): maintenance release
  • Pigalle 0.75-alpha (Wed, 04 Jan 2006): maintenance release
  • Pigalle 0.74-alpha (Sun, 26 Dec 2005): maintenance release
  • Pigalle 0.73-alpha (Sun, 14 Aug 2005): maintenance release
  • Pigalle 0.72-alpha (Thu, 13 Mai 2004): minor bug fix
  • Pigalle 0.71-alpha (Mon, 10 Mai 2004): first public release

Planned Features

The following list of features should give you an idea of what is planned to get done in the near future. There are still a lot of features that are planned to get included prior to our first stable release 1.0. Please do NOT submit any feature requests [1] for those features that are already listed here.

prior to 1.0:

  • album moderation:
    • hide/unhide albums
    • hide/unhide pictures
  • picture description editor
  • picture comments for guests
  • administration:
    • full thumbnail/cache image creation of selected resolutions
    • zip-file creation of full resolution pictures for each album
  • front-end for Wihphoto import script
  • handle media files like *.avi/*.mpeg/...: download link
  • admin maintenance: refresh supported language list (for auto language detection)
  • send picture to a friend, email
  • extended language support, language localization

future releases:

  • RSS feed of album descriptions
  • import scripts for other image galleries, e.g. Gallery
  • ...

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