Welcome to PHPee.com

This is the new home of PHPee.com. We're proud to finally present the result of our ongoing development. From Jan 2000 up to April 2004 PHPee.com was the home of PowerPhlogger, a webstatistics and counter hosting tool.

PowerPhlogger is no longer the only project hosted on PHPee.com. The source code of our ready-to-use-but-still-in-development applications Pigalle and YaBook has just been released. Check each project's subpages for further information:

  • Pigalle [1] - a picture gallery
  • YaBook [2] - Ya guestbook! (or... yet another guestbook)
  • PPhlogger [3] - the well known Power Phlogger
  • Sourdough [4] - the application framework that builds the base of them all

The low version number of those projects is mainly due to lack of some important features that are planned to be included in the first stable release. Still, they are already quite feature-rich and ready for use in a production environment.

To get a feeling of what those applications are capable of, check each project's screenshot page and have a glance at the Who is using what?? page where you also find the link to the official demonstration sites. Feel free and add the link of your site to that list if you are using one of the above applications.

If you are interested in what is going on with PHPee.com, you may want to subscribe the mailing lists [5] or have a look at the project pages of sourceforge.net: Sourdough [6], Pigalle [7], YaBook [8], PPhlogger [9].

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